Innovative Systems for the Design, Targeting & Management of Social Policies



Prosperia Social is a social enterprise revolutionizing  the design, targeting and management of social policies, by leveraging data science, AI and interactive decision support towards positive social impact at a large scale.

We empower governments, international organizations, and
NGOs to implement more accurate, equitable, efficient and transparent policies.



Our solutions have been actively used for supporting the design of nation-wide social policy responses to COVID by the governments of Uruguay, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Mexico.




Criteria is an interactive decision support system that empowers policy-makers to explore, analyze, and decide over a large space of potential designs and targeting schemes for social policies.

Criteria visualizes interactively the expected poverty impact of policy alternatives, as well as their associated costs. Policies can be designed in terms of:  target population, prioritization criteria(s), support amounts, budget constraints, segmentation by relevant groups, and group-specific amounts & selection criteria.


Proxia revolutionizes the income poverty estimators that have been used worldwide during the past two decades for prioritizing households in terms of their socioeconomic need. By introducing accurate statistical methods and high-dimensional household profiles, in the past couple of years, Proxia has been able to substantially reduce exclusion and inclusion errors by up to 39% in several Latin American countries.


Scopia provides the ability to focus on, explain, and interactively visualize the statistical characteristics underlying the poverty assessments of households.


Scopia is already being used at scale, for allowing social workers to integrate statistical factors from poverty estimators with additional qualitative information they may have, into integrated poverty assessments. 


Incluia builds large-scale and fine-grained maps of urban extreme poverty, which are packaged as a geographic recommendation system aimed at increasing the effectiveness of field social workers in their proactive search for potential beneficiaries of social programs. 


Currently Incluia is being piloted in Costa Rica and Brazil.



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February,  2020

Barcelona, Spain

2020 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency

(FAT* 2020)

October 16,  2019

San José, Costa Rica

Gobierno allana camino hacia política social de precisión

Diario Ya

Medidas anunciadas este martes permiten determinar las privaciones específicas de los hogares y personas en situación de pobreza para atenderlas de manera más precisa a través de los distintos programas sociales del Gobierno.

January 27-28,  2019

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

2019 AAAI/ACM Conference on AI, Ethics, and Society 

June 20-21, 2016

Washington, DC

Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics 2016: Data and Development Economics

July,  2020

Criteria: our interactive analytics and visualization system supporting the design of social policies LAC governments are using to fight COVID-19.



Prosperia's unique multidisciplinary team is composed of specialists in these fields of practice: economics, political science, mathematics,  computer science, interactive design, and applied artificial intelligence.

This combination of highly-complementary expertise allows cutting-edge innovations which take into account social, economic, political, computational, and ethical principles.



Mexico City, Mexico  

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